The 5-Steps Strategy Our Students Are Using to Improve Their Grade and
Become Independent Learners Without
Battling With Their Parents

(Even if they don't usually work well alone.)










We’re going to show you...

  •  How to have stress-free school nights without fighting/arguing with your child about their schoolwork even if they have not been good at taking care of it.
  • How to complete homework and study for tests without having to sit with your child or hiring expensive tutors even if you think your child cannot work alone.

  • The REAL reason why your child procrastinates on his/her school work (Shocker: it is NOT because they are lazy).

  • What parents who used to feel in despair have learned to use simple tools and tweaks in their parenting to become happy and successful Moms and Dads without needing to make drastic changes in their lives. 
  • Understand how your child can enhance his/her learning without having to re-learn the material all over again before tests even if it is hard to understand the teacher.


Benjamin Mizrahi

Benjamin Mizrahi is a high school Learning Specialist. He is a certified ADHD/ADD Life Coach who works with tweens and teens on academic and life skills.

For more than 15 years, Benjamin has been working with individuals, families, and groups who aspire to get better at task and self-management skills (a.k.a. Executive Functions).

Right before COVID-19 started, Benjamin was nominated for the prestigious Teacher of The Year award by Family Magazine. He is currently working on his doctorate in Applied Learning Sciences.

Benjamin holds two master's degrees in education: M.S. in Education and Ed.M. in Curriculum and Teaching from Columbia University.
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